At ABNY, we’ve shown a proven ability to highlight what is great about New York while identifying emerging issues and supporting key projects and events that improve the city’s quality of life. We foster a tradition of good will and collaboration that transcends political differences and have an abiding commitment to make New York City the best city that it can be. Our commitment lies in our values of celebrating New York City, being an advocate for its diverse body of people and interests and constantly striving for solutions that create a stronger, more vibrant and prosperous place in which to live, work and visit.

Celebrating New York

ABNY members have a fond affection and admiration for the city in which they live and work. We have a passion and love for New York City that brings deep appreciation and an unquenchable desire to continue to make it the greatest city in the world!

Advocating for all New Yorkers

ABNY members believe that the power and beauty of New York City lies in the commitment and talent of its people. At ABNY, we are devoted to the success, happiness and prosperity of every New Yorker. We are committed to providing all New Yorkers with the tools and resources that will enable them to be contributing members of their communities. We believe that by elevating individual New Yorkers, as well as the neighborhoods they live in, the city shines brighter as a whole!

Striving for Solutions

ABNY members are entrusted with not just meeting but anticipating the city’s needs. We make it our goal to identify and implement practical solutions in an innovative and collaborative way. We recognize that our mission expands and evolves with the city and intend to help New York thrive and flourish for decades to come.