Who We Are

ABNY is a non-profit organization dedicated to the constant growth and renewal of New York City’s people, businesses and communities.

We are a coalition of business, labor, non-profit and political leaders focused on exploring and implementing ideas that keep the city moving forward. With more than 300 member organizations, ABNY incorporates a comprehensive and diverse view of the issues and challenges facing New York City. Our members work as catalysts to contribute fresh ideas and innovative plans that set a clean course for managing solutions to the city’s challenges before they become overwhelming problems.

ABNY was founded on the basic principle that the easiest and most effective way to create great change is by calling on the collective efforts of great people. What makes us different from any and all other civic organizations is the diversity, caliber and commitment of our members.

We’ve always brought together the city’s top decision makers, thinkers, public officials, community voices and opinion leaders and challenged them to make the greatest city in the world even greater. Our membership is a true snapshot of New York City’s diverse sectors. Member companies represent the business, entertainment, real estate, sports, health, education, labor, arts & culture, retail, travel & tourism industries.

We believe that the best solutions are found through the continued insight, action and efforts of our growing body of membership. Whether your organization is large or small, we invite you to join us in strengthening our city.